Alison Saldana


Although I took printmaking at Liverpool University I broadened my practice into mixed media. I integrate a variety of techniques that are true to the sensations of colour, texture and atmosphere that I absorbed after living in the Mediterranean for several years. The texture of crumbling frescos, emblematic figures running across an archaic vessel, the tracery of olive leaves or the colour of pomegranates permeate each painting and are abiding elements in my work.


Patchings Art Festival, Nottingham

Art Loco, East Sussex

Landmark Art Show, Teddington, London

The Untitled Art Fair, Chelsea, London


Wadhurst Art Fair East Sussex

Patchings Art Festival, Nottingham

The Windsor Art Fair, Berks

Holmfirth Art Week, W. Yorks

The Artist Magazine - Prize-winner for 3 consecutive years

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